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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

CAL 1,2 and 3

Ok, so crochet is like golf. It keeps you HUMBLE! Just when you think you can actually do this, along comes a bad day and you realise you have yet to learn!

So I started the CAL.  Let me be the first to confess that I'm all for a short-cut.  An easy route.  But this time, I actually did some homework.  I know that there's UK crochet and there's US crochet. The stitches are different.  So where does that leave me (apart from in Africa)?  

I thought well, seeing that we're doing the blocks out of this particular book, I went to the back and looked at the stitch guide.  Ok, so what I know as a sc, is called a dc is this book. Then I changed my stitches, and did it strictly by the book.

But ooops, now it seems I am still doing something wrong!  The first block looked nice to me but apparently its not quite right!

Ahhh anyway.......

I still like it.

So here's number 1

Then I made number 2.

It came out slightly smaller than number 1, but I figured what the heck, surely not all 200 blocks are going to be the same size?

Now remember, up to here I was still very confident and thought my blocks looked perfect!  Then I started reading all the other blocks and discussions about number 1 and realised I was living in tralala land!  Apparently there's much more to it!  What I saw as perfect and cute are not.  There are discussions about stitch height, block sizes and all sorts of things I was not even concerned about.

That put a bit of a damper on my confidence, and then last night, I did number 3. I have made quite a few granny squares and this is just another version right?  Uhmmmm not!  I've made huge blankets and never had a problem with the whole skew bit in the centre.  My square always seemed to come out nice and, well, square!  Take a look at this one....

Not nice at all. So guess what I'll be doing tonight?

But anyway, I will get it right in the end, and I won't give up!

I've also decided that I am in this for the fun and love of crochet, so even if my stitches aren't exactly US or USA, then I will be starting Africa crochet!  The old fashioned way! 

Till next time.

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