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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Liebster Award - Forcing me to write again

It's been (almost a) year since my last blog, and I'm walking around with this little nagging voice in my head, reminding me to start blogging again. Then, this morning, a hooky friend from Facebook nominates me for a Liebster Award and suddenly I'm thrown back into the wonderful world of blogging.  Thank you Lani Bester for the nomination.  Please read Lani's beautiful new blog, Crochetworx, here.

So I'll get straight to the questions Lani has asked me:

Who taught you to crochet/knit?

The earliest crocheting I can remember (that's apart from my grandmother who ALWAYS had a hook in her hand when she was seated, was that of a friend asking me to help her do a blanket for her Dad and his new bride.  I was in grade 2, and she taught me the basics of a granny square.

What do you enjoy most working from a pattern, diagram or do your own thing?

I love working from a diagram and I am always looking for Russian or Japanese patterns, as they follow diagrams.  It's  so wonderful to think you can follow a pattern in a total foreign language just because you understand the diagrams. I wonder if that counts as a language? :)

What is your favourite crochet stitch pattern, i.e. basket weave, shells etc?

I love the good old granny pattern, but I enjoy trying new patterns. At the moment I am doing a lot of baby clothing for my grandchildren and it's nice to be able to try out new patterns and textures.

Who is your favourite designers?

I don't really have a favourite designer, but simply love all the ideas I find on Facebook and on the internet. I am part of a few Facebook crochet groups, and I am stunned daily by the creativity of people.

What do you like to crochet?

At the moment, baby clothes, but I love all forms of crochet. A nice blanket with beautiful colours inspires me. I live in a very warm part of our country though, and what I crochet is determined strongly by the season, as it would be very difficult to crochet thick big blankets in summer.
Who inspires you?

What is your favourite quote?

Even this will pass.

Where do you crochet?

Mostly in front of the tv. I once read that you know you are addicted to crocheting if you are on Season 3 of a tv series and you only know the voices of the people in it.  That's me! I don't watch tv, I listen tv.

Who do you crochet with?

On my own mostly, but I take work with me everywhere so I have no problem crocheting in public and in good company. I have spent a few hours crocheting on airports too.

What other crafts do you enjoy?

I have tried my hand at quilting and loved it. But other than that, I prefer to read.

Now I need to nominate a few fellow blog gals, I love following blogs as you can see from my favourites list, and I nominate:

Christelle from Haak en Stekie
Natasha from Crochetime

The questions you need to answer are the following:

  1. What is the name of your favourite yarn and why is it your favourite?
  2. What is your favourite type of project (clothing, rugs, afghans, etc)?
  3. Is your yarn stash well organised or all over the place?
  4. Is there enough yarn in your stash to make an entire blanket from?
  5. What is your favourite crochet hook brand and why?
  6. What is your happy colour?
  7. How many WIPs do you have right now?
  8. Where is your favourite hooky place?
  9. What two words best describe you?
  10. What do you think will be remembered about you when you are gone?
Please visit each of these blogs and follow them! Through the Liebster Award we grow our blog following.

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