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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

One a day project

I just read about the one-a-day project on Gingerbread Lady's blog and of course I have to join in this exciting 'undertaking'

I'm quoting from Gingerbread Lady to tell you what this is about:

"The original idea of the One a Day Project was to pick a larger project and work just one element of it everyday until it's finished. There was such a lot of interest in the idea of 'One a Day' that I started a Ravelry group which you can find here. I'm loving that because it's not a tradition KAL/CAL people are using the group to work on all kinds of projects and it's so much fun seeing what everyone is choosing to use the group for. I'm really delighted that we have 220 members is just over a week too. Please come and join in if you haven't already!l"

So i will be doing this and taking part in Tuesday Tallie.

Let's hope I get all this right and understand all the 'lingo' of linking !


  1. Welcome to the group! I'm curious to see what your project will be.

  2. Thanks Suzanne! Will post photos and details of my project asap! Do I blog a 'report' on my progress every tuesday? Very excited to be part of this!